California Orange (AAAA)


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Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

California Orange is a classic strain, with lineage dating back to at least the 1980s, and as a result, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding its exact origin. This 50:50 hybrid which also goes by the name Cali-O, Cali Orange Bud, and C.O.B., harbors an exceptionally sweet, citrus aroma that resembles fresh orange zest and sugar candies. California Orange is beloved for its ability to crush anxiety, mood swings and hyperactivity, without weighing the user into a sedative state. This strain is the perfect pairing for those busy days, or on days where negative mood seems to cloud the mind. California Orange induces a sharp focus in the attention of the user, eliminating distractions, allowing for total concentration without having to worry about stressors or pain. California Orange has been used to treat various conditions including anxiety, depression, mood swings, hyperactivity, mild to moderate cases of pain, as well as chronic fatigue.



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