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EUREKA is proud to have always provided their customers with 100% natural oil:  pesticide- free, solvent-free, and never cut or altered with MCT, PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate. Utilizing only the finest naturally derived terpenes, EUREKA’s oil is known for capturing the full aroma, effects, and flavor profiles of your favorite strains without compromising the potency or integrity of the oil.

For nearly a decade, EUREKA has treated their customers like family choosing to put them first above profit – providing access to clean, safe, all natural oil that you can trust, and afford!

To achieve excellence, one must consider themselves an artist in their craft. Passion, pride, dedication, focus, humility and sacrifice is necessary to achieve the highest level of workmanship in ones craft.  At EUREKA, we are passionate about our oil; from the raw ingredients that create it, the process of extracting the oil, cannabinoids and terpenes to blending and packaging every single unit. We pride ourselves in the quality, purity and workmanship that goes into every single product that we create.


EUREKAis #theartistryofoil

eureka carts



 Established in 2011, California-based EUREKA Vapor set out to provide the cleanest, safest, 100% natural oil cartridges in the industry. overcoming the odds to be a pioneer in the vapor market long before it gained the popularity it has today.Using our refined extraction processes, to create high quality distillate and delectable terpene profile Our product is not only designed for the artist, it’s for the artistry of oil which is why our pen is design for a C-cell cartridge known as the leading manufacture of cartridges in the vape industry. Today, EUREKA  Vapor works with three major distribution companies and stands tall as a trained eye in the vape industry, while staying small and honoring its commitment to delivering quality over quantity. Welcome to EUREKA Vapor where art meets cannabis.



We source the cleanest raw material that we can find and use state of the art equipment to extract the purest oil for our award-winning vapes. We utilized locally sourced natural terpenes through our partnership with Gold Coast Terpenes.



EUREKA Vapor cartridges are filled with 100% natural, cannabis oil with potency and purity, and terpenes extracted directly from organic fruit & herb sources both factors gives our vapes unique flavor profiles giving you a full spectrum vape pen you can enjoy with your friends. available in half and full grams and compatible with standard 510 thread batteries.


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