Honey Bun Shatter.

Honey Bun is a potent hybrid marijuana
strain bred by Cookies.

Honey Bun is named
after the beloved classic treat because of its
extremely sweet and tasty flavors.

this strain will give you an instantaneous high
that is happy and uplifting.
Honey Bun Shatter is an equitably
adjusted mixture strain (half Indica/half

This flavor is obtained through the
cross-breeding of tasty Gelatti X Honey B

Known for its scrumptious flavor and
super stimulating high, Honey Bun is the ideal
Shatter flavor for a person in need of
motivation during their medication process.
The smell is will leave you in awe,

The Cali
Honey Bun high comes slowly and steadily
and you can feel it. It will relax and loosen up
your mind and body. This Cali extract will chill
you properly from head to toe with a sober
degree of intensity.
You’ll feel a lifted sense hit you very quickly,
boosting the spirits and filling you with a glad
feeling of quiet and simplicity. A shiver will
start to work its way all through your body,
beginning toward the rear of the neck and
head prior to arriving at its way through your
appendages and leaving you very stimulated

Honey Bun Shatter


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