Donatello Shatter

Donatello Shatter is very pure, potent, and
loaded with all the medicinal benefits of the
full Californian marijuana plant profile.
Professionally extracted from freshly
harvested cannabis plants then cured with
cold-pressed terpenes to preserve the natural
rich aroma and flavor.
-Single-origin, cannabis-derived, cold-
pressed terpenes
– No GMOs, chemicals, or solvents.


The Donatello Shatter offers an amazing
body buzz and it will calm your senses in no
time. Moreover, it is the perfect strain to
medicate with if you are unable to relax.
Unlike other strains, it is not a creeper. It hits
hard and fast. In a matter of minutes, you will
feel the high set in and take control of your
body and mind. You will eventually exhibit
symptoms of couch-lock as well. The strain is
ideal for those who have nothing else to do, as
it does have the potential to knock you out for
the rest of the day.

Donatello Shatter


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